Grow Intentionally

Discover the growth opportunities that drive top-line revenue – be they new features, new products, new lines‑of‑business, or new ventures.


We start with the current state of your business and deliver a plan for exploring the growth options before you.

Every business has Unrealized and Unidentified opportunities. Sightglass’ Growth Catalyst helps you articulate yours in order to turn them into investments that tell a true growth story.

Level up your strategy, offering, and operations by clarifying where you play today and how you win, even bigger, tomorrow.


Typical engagement: 3 weeks


We start with a strategic focus area and deliver high-value investment opportunities.

The goal of Opportunity Discovery is to take a strategic direction – be it technology driven or market oriented) – and find real customer problems and determine whether they are worth solving. Once found, make the case for investing in the development of a digital solution by articulating any new enabling technologies and the overall market opportunity.



Business &
Revenue Design

We start with a known problem, hypothesize different solutions, then model the potential revenue in order to deliver an investment case.

The goal of Business & Revenue Design is to build an investment case for solving an existing market problem. We do this by understanding how valuable the problem is, and exploring different ways to monetize the solution.

Typical engagement: 2 months