Case Study: Clearing a path to revenue in clean-tech

Achieving net-zero emissions is a complicated problem to solve in itself, but building a venture to contribute to that reduction increases the pressure on the founders to establish a sustainable business for themselves, their people, their investors, their customers, and the planet.

Audette carbon planning software helps commercial real estate investors leverage machine learning to build decarbonization plans faster.

The challenge Audette’s leadership faced was alignment: the company’s people needed to clearly understand how Audette’s business achieved success, not just the carbon reduction goals. 

Growth Mapping

Using our Growth Mapping tool, Sightglass helped the Audette team articulate how its decarbonization technology creates value, for whom, and what the solution might be worth. The revenue strategy and product roadmap revealed a path to opportunities worth 20X Audette’s initial targets. 

Embedded Leadership

To realize this growth map, Audette needed to enhance its delivery team’s focus and execution. Sightglass provided interim technology leadership to develop a roadmap with clear horizons and re-structuring the organization for better delivery practices.

“What you don’t necessarily get with an advisor is the ability to receive tactical, hands-on support. Sightglass has an extendable backbench of different experts we can draw from, and for a growing, seed-stage startup, this allows us to augment our team and flex into demands that might not need a full-time position.”

Christopher Naismith, Founder & CEO


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