We make ambition achievable

We work with software and technology-driven enterprises, SMBs, PEs, VCs and startups who aspire to seize the opportunities before them to start telling new growth stories.

First, we align your product and business model to create an advantage that’s sustainable.

Second, we realize your business model by supporting and empowering your team to execute a high-quality product that delivers on your promise to customers.

Growth & Innovation Strategy

Discover the growth opportunities that drive top-line revenue —be they new features, new products, new lines-of-business, or net new ventures.

Growth Mapping

We start with the current state of your business and deliver a plan for exploring the growth options before you.

Every business has Unrealized and Unidentified opportunities. Sightglass’ Growth Catalyst helps you articulate yours, in order to turn them into investments that tell a true growth story.

Level up your strategy, offering, and operations by clarifying where you play today and how you win, even bigger, tomorrow.

Opportunity Catalyst

We start with a strategic focus area and deliver high-value investment opportunities.

The goal of Opportunity Discovery is to take a strategic direction - be it technology driven or market oriented) - and find real customer problems and determine whether they are worth solving. Once found, make the case for investing in the development of a digital solution by articulating any new enabling technologies and the overall market opportunity.

Business & Revenue Design

We start with a known problem, hypothesize different solutions, then model the potential revenue in order to deliver an investment case.

The goal of Business & Revenue Design is to build an investment case for solving an existing market problem. We do this by understanding how valuable the problem is, and exploring different ways to monetize the solution.

"What has surprised me most about working with Sightglass is that nothing surprises them. They always have a solid reference point for providing advice. And because they’ve seen it all, they’re a springboard of optimism, which is reassuring and satisfying when you’re a first-time founder who's often anxious about the next step."

Christopher Naismith, CEO Audette

“We’ve seen a lot of success, but to accelerate growth, we need to innovate continuously. Sightglass has been a big part of identifying how to do that. They're very good at going in and doing the necessary research to understand the problems that need solving.”

Caleb Wilson Head of Product, Design Templafy

Product Design & Execution Services

Shape and deliver technology-led solutions to market ensuring that product realizes the strategy and effectively solves customer problems.

Concept Confidence

We start with an idea for a solution to a validated problem and determine whether it delivers customer outcomes in a way that is valuable and differentiated.

Rapidly create and trial digital product concepts to validate competitive problem-solution fit, pricing model, and/or servicing needs. Experiment with end-users and potential customers through light-weight prototyping (using no-code or low-code tools) that validates the Desirability and Viability assumptions crucial to justifying further investment.

Solution Validation

We start with a growth opportunity and deliver a validated proof-of-concept using the tools of production.

The goal of Solution Validation is to research and validate the Desirability, Viability, Feasibility of a proposed digital solution. We lead and iterate through the design of the final solution, evaluating enabling technology options, assessing the organization’s ability to execute and scale the solution, all while testing it with prospective customers and users in order to ensure it can effectively respond to the growth opportunity.

Product Realization

We start with a validated proof-of-concept and deliver a scalable solution to market.

The goal of Product Realization is to define and deliver the best possible solution to market for the identified growth opportunity. We take a validated proof-of-concept and work with your team, or one of our experienced agile software delivery partners, to develop it to be able to scale to meet the anticipated demand. We also help your internal team position and launch the product into market, ensuring its ability to capture revenue.

"We don't have an internal team dedicated to diving deep into the user journeys of our next big features and doing the exploration necessary to execute a well-thought-out, yet simple, design. Sightglass has been able to help us outsource special projects so our internal development folks can keep doing what we have planned and speed up our product backlog. Having that capability and capacity has been really refreshing."

Sam Heck, Director, Product Delivery, ZenQMS

“We must ensure every dollar we invest in our technology delivers a powerful return for our customers. We need to ask ourselves, are we making meaningful choices? Will this solution drive real value and outcomes? Sightglass has the ability to ask these questions and uncover answers that give us the confidence to move forward. That’s a powerful, powerful skill.”

Ted Nielsen, Chief Digital Officer, ViaPhoton

Leadership & Advisory

Learn from our experience and expertise to enable better strategies, processes, and outcomes for your business, your people, and your customers.

Executive Coaching

Leverage our experience as product, design, management, and operations executives for 1:1 leadership coaching that inspires personal and team growth.

Not a 12 step program to a cookie-cutter certification, rather, direct coaching on what you are facing today, week-by-week, problem-by-problem, aimed solely at helping you and your company achieve your ambitions.

Embedded Leadership

The goal of Embedded Leadership is to provide day-to-day support for companies, and their teams, who need an experienced set of hands to step in part-time or temporarily. We help Product, Design, and Delivery teams better execute against their goals, and the company’s overarching strategy.

Speaking & Training

Invite us to share our experience with your start-ups, teams, and people in the form of talks or structured workshops around a variety of innovation topics and techniques, including problem finding, new business validation, and continuous discovery & delivery.

"We're a predominantly female-led, black and brown-led, LGBTQIA-owned organization. Because Sightglass' is also majority LBGTQIA-owned, we didn’t have to go through the subtext we usually experience. This work demands so much of you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Having a sense of psychological safety when there's already so much psychological drain is important. I felt that with Sightglass."

Lindsey T.H. Jackson Co-Founder, LTHJ Global & Sojourn DEI

"Most consultants will come into your business and say: 'You've done everything wrong, and you got to scrap it all and start from where we tell you to start from.' Sightglass will say, "Great. You're here. You got here. Let's grow from here."

Sam Chung, CEO & CO-Founder, Alltourage