We make ambition achievable

We work with software and technology-driven enterprises, SMBs, PEs, VCs and startups who aspire to seize the opportunities before them to start telling new growth stories.

Our three founding partners, Patti Purcell, John Jarosz, and Mathew Tobiasz, combine executive experience in business, design and technology that provides clients with a more integrated perspective to product experience.

First, we align your product and business model to create an advantage that’s sustainable.

Second, we realize your business model by supporting and empowering your team to execute a high-quality product that delivers on your promise to customers.

Growth & Innovation Strategy

Discover the growth opportunities that drive top-line revenue —be they new features, new products, new lines-of-business, or net new ventures.

Growth Mapping

Actionable plans for your next bet.

Opportunity Catalyst

Find problems worth solving and turn them into investments.

Business & Revenue Design

Shape the model and size the upside of a growth opportunity.

Product Design & Execution Services

Shape and deliver technology-led solutions to market ensuring that product realizes the strategy and effectively solves customer problems.

Concept Confidence

Build confidence in audacious ideas for new markets.

Solution Validation

Define the technology, design the solution, and prove it creates value.

Product Realization

Fast-track the final product and start to realize the growth opportunity.

Leadership & Advisory

Learn from our experience and expertise to enable better strategies, processes, and outcomes for your business, your people, and your customers.

Executive Coaching

Reach your potential and unlock your team's growth.

Embedded Leadership

Level-up your team's ability to realize product and business strategies.

Speaking & Training

Experience shares delivered in response to today's challenges.

Together, we make ambition achievable.

"In basketball, your team can't just sink three-pointers; they need to attack the rim, rebound, and play defense. Sightglass is a triple-threat team that provides perspective from all angles: understanding your market, nurturing your customer base all the while creating a process that will help you and your team strive and succeed."

Sam Chung, CEO, Alltourage