Realize your founding opportunity

Finding product-market fit is the goal of every startup. Aligning the problem, customer, and product variables into a solution that is compelling is the hardest part of the puzzle.

Product-Market-Fit is achieved when the market expresses demand greater than a startup's ability to deliver. Only then is there a launchpad to grow and scale.

We help founders understand the real size of the opportunity ahead of them — and focus their team and product on capturing it.

Two people, man and woman, problem-solving in open office environment.

"What has surprised me most about working with Sightglass is that nothing surprises them. They always have a solid reference point for providing advice. And because they’ve seen it all, they’re a springboard of optimism, which is reassuring and satisfying when you’re a first-time founder who's often anxious about the next step."

Christopher Naismith, CEO Audette