Matthew Tobiasz, General Partner

Product strategy, technology & design

Matthew Tobiasz, General Partner
Matthew Tobiasz, General Partner

Matthew thrives at the intersection of technology, strategy, and product design.

Imagining how products could be better is an activity many of us enjoy – but working through what better looks like and making the (sometimes difficult) decisions to manifest that vision is where Matthew sets his sights. Matthew’s technical background as a software developer rooted in human-computer interaction helps our clients identify unaddressed customer needs and reimagine essential product, service and business capabilities into a more holistic customer-focused experience.

Matthew spent the early years of his career at ThoughtWorks, where he led delivery teams to design and build ambitious product experiences for clients across North America. He consulted with companies across various industries – from financial services to aerospace to biotechnology – spanning early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Later at Ultimate Software Group, Matthew led the Experience Design & Strategy team accountable for envisioning, operationalizing, and scaling customer-centric product experiences. When Ultimate merged with Kronos to become UKG, Matthew co-directed and led the joint enterprise and combined product suite experience strategy.

Matthew received his Bachelor’s and Masters of Science degrees in Computer Science from the University of Calgary. He was a Research Fellow at the Initiative in Innovative Computing at Harvard University.


Transformation is letting go about what was, being intentional about what will be – and learning through building and building and building.